What we do

At ThinkBang we don’t believe in the typical company-client relationship.
Since 2002 we see all our customers as partners who trust us a great and sometimes the most important part of their business.
We don’t aim at a large clientele. What is of primary importance to us is to be able to address the individual requirements of each partner and to use our knowledge to their advantage.

How we do it

We use the latest web development tools we create effective SEO and Adwords campaigns and we use Social Media as a tool to improve our clients’ brand awareness and increase their sales.

More than everything else we study, get informed and learn new techniques in order to take advantage of all the new tools that will help to increase our partners’ profits.

Our specialty is ...

Internet Marketing

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We use a set of marketing and advertising tools that intend to promote the websites of our partners in order to increase visits and ultimately maximize profits from the investment in their website.

Web Development

From a corporate website and a complex eshop to custom internet applications.


We create online marketing strategies through SEO and Adwords campaigns to make sure that our partners are exactly where their potential customers are looking.

Social Media

We use Social Media as a tool to improve our clients' brand awareness and increase their sales.